Redco is renowned through Norfolk, Europe and even further afield for advanced CNC milling capabilities. Paving the way in the engineering industry, our standards are synonymous with quality and efficiency. Our Norwich-based workshop operates a comprehensive fleet of multi-axis CNC milling machines, capable of producing complex parts and components, with high precision.

This technology allows our team to work with a variety of materials, including metals, plastics, and composites, catering to a wealth of global industries such as aerospace, automotive, and healthcare.

Our commitment to quality is evident, with rigorous testing and quality control processes, ensuring every product meets stringent specifications. Our Norwich-based CNC milling services are further enhanced by a diligent team of engineers, bringing their artistry and accuracy to every project.


Excelling in our CNC turning capabilities, Redco in respected and unrivalled in the precision manufacturing sector. Our comprehensive range of CNC lathes are equipped to handle a wide range of turning operations, producing a wealth of intricate and tight-tolerance cylindrical components. Supporting both simple and complex geometries, our machines can accommodate various materials from stainless steel and aluminium, to thermoplastics. Thanks to our diverse range of machining capabilities, we have proudly served clients within the sub-sea, electronics, and medical device sectors, among others.

Combining strict quality control and the latest automation techniques, we can be relied upon when it comes to efficiency and accuracy.


We are industry leaders in providing exceptionally engineering services.
From Nylon to Acrylic, PTFE to Polycarbonate, Polythene to Polypropylene, we are experts in machining high-performance plastics. Our range of advanced CNC routers are also designed to cut, carve and shape a host of materials from wood to soft metals.

Using the latest CAD/CAM technology, our team can produce high-quality precision engineered parts, going the extra mile to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Our engineering team, based in Norwich, excels in innovation and solving design challenges, focusing on product functionality and aesthetic appeal. Collaborating closely with clients from concept to completion, we apply technical expertise and meticulous attention to detail to achieve consistently flawless results.


Redco, Norwich renowned for its comprehensive sawing, drilling, and fabrication services, offering tailor-made solutions to a host of industries. With advanced sawing equipment, we handle everything from precision cuts in small batches to high-volume production. We can be relied upon to provide smooth finishes on a variety of materials, including metals and composites. Our drilling capabilities complement these services by providing precise hole placement and diameters, essential for complex assemblies.

Redco’s fabrication services, based at our Norwich factory, stand out due to their adaptability and precision. Integrating modern CAD/CAM technology with traditional local craftsmanship allows us to offer rapid prototyping and custom fabrication solutions. Focused on quality control and client collaboration, our skilled team consistently reinforces its reputation with Norwich as a leader in specialised manufacturing solutions.